About Membership


About Membership

We are very happy to welcome you as a guest to Curiosity Unlimited and hope you are enriched by the selection of faculty lecturers and topics we have arranged.

Once you have had a chance to see what we're all about, we encourage you to join us as a member to support the objectives of Curiosity Unlimited. Annual dues are very reasonable and are accepted starting in September for the current season that runs through May.  While we have a very small budget to cover incidental operating expenses, most of the dues are used to support the Curiosity Unlimited Scholarship program. Additional benefits include access to the Ent Center for the Arts' Marie Walsh Sharpe Gallery exhibits before and after the lectures. Also, access to the Alumni Newsletter and calendar for other UCCS events.

Membership rates:

  • $35 - Individual
  • $45 - Household

For membership, please provide your name(s), address, city, state, zip code, phone number, and e-mail address(es). Send with your check to the address below.

Make your membership check payable to: CU Foundation/Curiosity Unlimited and mail it to:

Jim Brown
4476 Seton Hall Road
Colorado Springs, CO 80916