About Our Scholars

Our Scholars

About Our Scholars

The Curiosity Unlimited Scholars are full-time undergraduates who will enter their senior year in the fall. Students must have a 3.3 cumulative GPA and at least 30 UCCS credit hours. Students must demonstrate financial need by completing the FAFSA. Four to six awards are typically made per year.

What Compels us to Fund Scholarships

Frequently, by the time students reach their final year in college, they have expended their savings as well as any money that may have been put aside for them by their families. They are so close to finishing, yet are faced with demoralizing circumstances of low income, over work and fatigue, and mounting student loan debt. The purpose of the Curiosity Unlimited Scholarship Fund is to provide students entering their senior year with incentive, additional funding, and encouragement to stay the course to graduation.

Scholarships Awarded

Academic Year

Scholarships Awarded

Award Amount

2023-2024 Three $4,000
2022-2023 One (Spring Graduate)
Three (Fall Graduates)
2021-2022 Four $2,000
2020-2021 Five $2,000
2019-2020 Five $2,000
2018-2019 Five $2,000
2017-2018 Five $1,500
2016-2017 Five $1,200
2015-2016 Five $1,350
2014-2015 Five $1,500
2013-2014 Six $1,200
2012-2013 Five $1,000
2011-2012 Five $1,000
2010-2011 Four $1,000
2009-2010 Four $1,000
2008-2009 Four $1,500
2007-2008 Four $1,000
2006-2007 Four $1,000
2005-2006 Four $1,000



The Legacy

Although most of us who attend Curiosity Unlimited don't consider ourselves to be "the new generation," in this organization we really are the new generation.  We've lost a few generous members in the past few years. It's up to us now to pick up the mantle from those who have gone before us, to help fund Curiosity Unlimited scholarships, so that those young people who come after us will be well prepared to take on the responsibilities we expect of them. We need to invest in them today, so we can depend on them tomorrow. 

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On behalf of the students who will benefit from your generosity, we extend our deepest thanks for your consideration.